Patti Miller travels throughout Iowa to share her unique and inspiring story with high school and college students, educators and community groups. In an era when freedom and individual rights and opportunities are still unrealized for many, Patti's story is relevant to young and old alike. Her presentation challenges her audiences to take action today to create a more just and inclusive society, while creating the history of tomorrow. 

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Patti is writing a book about her experiences during the Civil Rights

Movement.This memoir will cover Freedon Summer and Patti's work with Dr. Martin Luther King in the Chicago Freedom Movement. The book will incorporate the experiences of those featured in the documentary as well as other individuals involved in Freedon Summer and the making of the film. Once published, the book will be distributed to high schools, colleges and public libraries throughout Iowa.



Keeping History Alive Foundation will distribute DVD copies of “Iowans Return to Freedom Summer” to high schools, colleges and public libraries throughout Iowa.



The foundation will be developing and launching a to-be-determined annual event (such as an essay contest) that will engage and inspire students to think creatively about solutions to today's civil rights issues.

Annual Civil Rights tours are offered starting in Iowa and traveling throughout the Deep South. These tours are for educators and college graduate students or any others interested in experiencing Civil Rights history first hand. Led by Civil Rights veterans, the nine day tour will visit historic spots in Memphis, Jackson and Meridian, MS, Birmingham, Selma and Montgomery, AL. The next tour offered will be in March 2017. See brochure here for 2017 itinerary.