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The foundation produced its first significant educational tool, the documentary titled Iowans Return to Freedom Summer, which was aired on Iowa Public Television the last week of February 2015 and on June 19, 2015.


In the summer of 1964, hundreds of predominantly white college students answered the call from Civil Rights leaders to volunteer for Freedom Summer. They joined with voter registration efforts, taught in freedom schools and worked in community centers in towns throughout racially segregated Mississippi.


Iowans Return to Freedom Summer gives firsthand accounts of the experiences of six Iowa natives who, though personally unfamiliar with racial issues, felt compelled to volunteer that summer. Viewers will hear their stories as they share their motivations, fears, triumphs and life altering events that took place during that historic summer 50 years ago. (49 minutes)


Watch entire documentary on IPTV's website.


Information Links for teachers:

PBS Learning Media

IPTV YouTube Playlist


Donate $20 or more and we will send you a DVD of the documentary as our thank you gift for your support.

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